My name is Emma Inkpen, born and bred in Yorkshire, England. Now living in Brooklin just east of Toronto with my husband and two daughters.

After going to Ontario College of Art and Design for four
years studying Communication Design, majoring in Illustration,
I went to Humber College for one year to study Graphic Design & Pre-press.

I have worked in three design studios in Toronto starting as a Junior Designer, working up to a Senior Designer. I have had my own clients as an independent designer for over 15 years, working on a wide range of projects for several clients.

After our first daughter was born, I decided to venture into the world of running my own small design studio. I work with a group of associates for larger projects, and suppliers such as printers and proofreaders. I also taught InDesign and Digital Photography at Durham College.

Most of my work is with larger corporations, designing their communication collateral, specializing in annual reports. But I also do a lot of projects with more local, and smaller businesses to help them with their brands. I also work along side several non-profits, such as Durham Children’s Aid, Durham YWCA, War Child Canada and WWF Canada.

In my “spare” time, I drag a camera or an easel and brushes around with me.

Oh yeah and the elephant in the room, ‘Inkpen’; I hear ya.
I gotta’ name with ‘Ink’ and ‘Pen’ in it. I get it all the time. It’s not a joke, or a pen name, or a fib. It’s 100% the real McCoy; it’s the genuine article; it’s beautifully, oh-so-cosmically-written fate, maybe. My maiden name was Barkworth.

Ink Pen: A pen filled from an external source and containing an ink reservoir that feeds the writing point that puts ink to paper.